Leica M6 - Maiden Voyage

I have recently had the urge to shoot film. Following some very talented film photographers on Twitter has had a lot to do with this. Last year I was kindly given an Olympus OM-1 film camera by my uncle. I really enjoyed shooting with it but after a while began lusting after a Leica. This wasn't helped when in September I went along to #LNDNWLK 2.0 where I was surrounded by film cameras of all shapes and sizes, including some beautiful Leica M's. I even went into a camera shop that day and was shown an M6 but managed to refrain.

Having just got married last August I was not in a position to buy a new camera, let alone a Leica. So I had a painful wait whilst i saved the funds. Just before Christmas I spotted a near mint black M6 on eBay for a good price so I snapped it up!

I have just got my first set of scans back so thought I would share my results. I got them developed and scanned at UK Film Lab. Its a great feeling waiting for that email to come in saying the scans are ready to download. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas. 

Apart from a bit of underexposure in several of the shots, I'm happy with the results. I look forward to learning and developing more as I go along. 

All images were taken with the Leica M6 and Nokton 50mm 1.5 ASPH VM on Kodak Portra 400.