Home developing... Take one

I have been really keen to have a go at processing my own film for a while now. After seeing others on twitter getting good results I finally decided to give it a go. I have recently acquired a bag of old Olympus OM camera gear from a relative which was perfect timing.

I was up early last Sunday as the weather was so good. I headed out to the local park and canal to shoot a roll of Ilford HP5 on my OM-1n fitted with the super sharp Zuiko 50 1.8mm lens. It was really enjoyable using the OM-1, it really made me think about the shot before pressing the shutter.

I have to say processing the film was a lot of fun. I was excited and anxious to see if the film was exposed correctly. Pulling open the tank to reveal a near perfectly exposed roll was such a great feeling. 

Below is a selection of my favourite shots from the roll, there were one or two duds. I scanned the negatives on an Epson V600 and did some curves and contrast adjustments in Lightroom.

Overall I am really happy with how well they turned out. Ok they are not the most exciting shots, but I do feel they have a certain quality to them which I have never got from my X-Pro1.

Now to shoot another roll!